Introducing Tony Senatore's New DVD


  • Tony Senatore - Fretted and Fretless 12 string Bass Guitars
  • Manolo Badrena- Percussion
  • Van Romaine-Drums
  • Special Guest: Percy Jones on Fretless Bass

Since it's inception in 1978, there has been very little information about the 12 string bass ..until now. On this DVD, i illustrate how the 12 string bass can be used as a lead instrument featuring it in three music videos..*HOLYLAND*, which depicts the 12'ver in a supportive, chordal role*,LIFE AND TIMES*, which expands upon my concept of playing melody while still functioning as a bassist, and finally* SHAPLA*, a nine minute Beatles medley which is the highlight of the DVD in which i lay down a bed track of fretted 12 string bass that is the focal point, followed by a track of fretless 12 string bass which duplicates various string and melody lines, followed by a track of four string bass that ties together all the loose ends.

Sharing the stage with me on this DVD are some of the greatest musicians you'll ever hear.

  • *VAN ROMAINE* is currently the drummer in the *STEVE MORSE BAND* ,
    and truly is the backbone of this DVD.
  • *MANOLO BADRENA* handles the percussion, and has worked with *WEATHER REPORT* and the late *JOE ZAWINUL*
  • *PERCY JONES* , the innovative bassist from *BRAND X,* makes an appearance on LIFE AND TIMES and HOLYLAND,playing melodies, harmonics, and solos as only Percy can.

I hope this DVD will illuminate some concepts that are important to me, but more importantly set the stage for realizing the full potential of the instrument.

The DVD is historic, as it is to my knowledge the very first of it's kind. I've pressed up a limited number of DVD's, and there is a good chance that once they are gone, they won't be available again, so please order a copy today!



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